What Are GIA Certified Gemstones

You may have heard the word “GIA” while purchasing precious diamond jewellery. A GIA is shorthand diamond sellers who describe the quality of diamonds according to Grades. GIA is an independent and non-profit organization which has been helping the community to find the right material and cut for the past many years. Yes, they conduct research on diamonds and educate different professionals by setting and determine grades of a diamond.
You might have heard about 4C’s of the diamond (colour, clarity, cut, and carat). These properties are originated by GIA based on scientific procedures to evaluate diamond grading.
Well, this organization doesn’t sell diamonds, not outsource them or trade them commercially. They work to evaluate the qualities of different types of diamonds and graded them accordingly. The team of GIA works independently, so if you want to know the worth of diamond and the quality, you should look for GIA-graded diamonds because price and quality go hand in hand.

What does it mean if a diamond is “GIA Certified”?

Well, there’s a mistake—GIA Certified Diamond is a contradiction. Please note GIA doesn’t certify diamonds instead they graded them. You might have observed in the jewellery industry that GIA certified is the most common term used by sellers. However, that’s mean the diamond has undergone a thorough grading process and GIA issues accurate reports that accompany them.

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