Love at First Sight

Falling in love with someone is an utterly romantic feeling. Think about watching someone for the first time and then instantly get connected with him or her, isn’t it surreal? Currently, we’re living in a space where finding true love is a hectic job. Why are we calling it a career? Well, most probably due to the inclusion of several rejections, heartbreaks and disappointments in the path. So when we heard about love, at first sight, is enchanted us with its charm.

Does love, at first sight, is real?

Initially, the phenomenon doesn’t appeal to the researchers; however, now we’ve supporting research regarding love at first sight from the Netherlands. For the sake of the study, the researchers invited 400 individuals to perform a survey. The survey was crafted with various question regarding the person they met in that particular exercise to analyse their feelings, observations and experience.

Is love, at first sight, a biased memory?

Well, one of the highly used arguments against love, at first sight, is that people do have little memories, and when they see someone accordingly, they instantly fall for that person. However, we do not believe that love, at first sight, does exist, and it’s not because we’ve little memories.

Appearance matters:

Most of the time people related love at first sight with infatuation. When we see someone physically attractive, we instantly feel an attraction towards that person. Most of the people in the survey conducted in the Netherlands rated beauty or physical attraction as the most effective tool to get attracted. Most of the people to admit that they will more likely fall for a person with great looks.

Love or infatuation?

When we talk about love, at first sight, we usually ignore things like passion, commitment, compatibility, faithfulness. These are the ingredients that make any bond stronger, pure and long-lasting. Finding someone too attracted and then feeling attraction is not something we can categorise as love. With people experiencing love, at first sight, the core ingredients are not usually considered, at least not at that particular time.
Instead, people who build their relationship gradually find their connection more robust, passionate and committed. Apart from all the above discussion, people do admit that there are more chances of having all the core ingredients of long-lasting love recipe in instances where there is love at sight in action.


Well, at the end of this writing piece, we want to conclude that science is definitely in favour of love at first sight. Although there is not much “passion” or commitment” however, there is still a strong pull. The highly intense attraction is what promises an even stronger relationship ahead as compared to normal relations.
There is not a hard and fast rule that love, at first sight, can happen only once in your lifetime. It’s a strong emotion where you felt attracted to another persona, and it can occur multiple times. When a relationship builds from a base of love, at first sight, it turns out to be the great love story of all times.

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