How to propose marriage

The one you would like to spend a lifetime with is right by your side, but you just haven’t gotten around to proposing marriage. You thought the prospect of falling in love was scary enough; however, you fidget whenever you think of proposing. Well, you shouldn’t be because when armed with a game plan, making a marriage proposal is no big deal. Let the following steps serve as a guide to bringing closer, your dream of walking down the aisle.

Ensure that the both of you are ready for marriage

Are you ready to tie the knot with that special one till death do you part? Take time to think that through before taking the plunge. Your life takes a different turn forever once you make that marriage proposal; hence, you should have clear reasons as to why you’re doing that. For instance, has the relationship lasted long enough for you to understand your partner or has it been just a few months relationship? Marriage isn’t something you should rush into. Granted, every relationship is unique, but at least, you should have seen your significant other through bad and good times. That should make you know the long-term potential of this person.

Choose the right ring.

You have to pick the right ring before you propose. You can’t pick the right ring without knowing the kind of person your love is. While there are girls who have no idea about something like the size of a ring, some other girls already know the kind of ring they want as they have dreamed about their proposal their whole lives. For example, Look for a way to know her dream ring. Casually ask for her opinion if she’s the open type. You could also seize the opportunity of a perfect occasion, like for instance, studying the engagement ring belonging to a recently engaged friend of yours and asking your girlfriend what she thinks about the ring if it was totally perfect or too small, too shiny or too chunky.

Pick the right time.

Having the perfect proposal is all about perfect timing. You want to surprise her when you pop the question, but you don’t want to throw her off guard. She should already expect that the problem would come anytime soon but not know the exact time and date. For example, Surprise your sweetheart but only to an extent. Be sure that she’s already expecting an engagement sooner than later. If both of you have never discussed marriage, and she doesn’t even have any idea whether she’s ready or not, the proposal could get awkward.

Ask the right way.

Now that you’ve taken care of when and where to propose, it’s time for some action. You want her always to remember the way you asked her to marry you. Here’s how: 

  • Be frank. Don’t just pull the “marry me” trigger, first tell her how much she means to you. You can even do this by writing a letter and giving her to read.
  • Don’t be too dramatic about it. No need for fireworks, a celebrity or a dance troupe to let her know she is special. Both of you are taking a crucial step, and you shouldn’t distract yourselves from that fact. 


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