How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Are you ready to start looking for a perfect engagement ring? When you are almost ready to take your promise to the next level, we want to help you find the ideal ring for your loved one. Most often, many people got stuck at how much to spend on an engagement ring. To help you deal with this question, we have come up with an informative write-up.

Myth-Busted – Spend two months salary rule

You might have heard about this myth “two months salary” on your engagement ring. But do you think it’s worth, especially if you have bad credit?
The myth originates from a 1950’s ads campaign in which Diamond Company introduced an idea of spending two months income to make advertisement appealing. But it’s not recommended to stick with the idea that costs you more than you expect. Of course, you can go for it if you have financial backup or alternatives.

Myth-busted –– The national average rule

Do you know the UK national average spend on engagement rings is £1,471? Well, we are saying this but yes, according to a national newspaper. Similarly, according to a financial website, this spending figure is £568 and between £850 and £4,000 according to a women’s magazine. Clearly, it’s visible from stats that no one really knows what’s the exact “Nation Average” is. 

Real Rule—Just Make It Simple

This is the rule one should go for – keep everything simple. If you want to know how much to spend on an engagement ring, we should bang a comparison between the two main factors:
– What your fiancée’s dream about an engagement ring is
– And your actual financial state.

Some Useful Tips on How to Save on an Engagement Ring

Here are some tips that can help you estimate how much do you need to spend on your engagement ring. 

  • You should wait for big sales—like Black Friday, and January is the best option. 
  • You can go for online shopping because you will surely get a price edge by shopping online, unlike high street stores, which cost you more. 
  • Make a diamond ring with a gem or cluster in the middle or some illusion setting in case if you are looking for something big on a small budget. 

Final Words

What you should spend on an engagement ring is solely your choice and decision, but keep one thing in mind that she’s going to wear it for life, so surely that piece of the ring will have great importance for her. At the same time, you don’t need to be emotional while buying, keep an eye on your financial conditions, and spend wisely. You should feel happy; your fiancée should feel happy; that’s what matters. 

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