How Diamonds Are Found?

Do you know how diamonds are found? Well, a common perception is found among people that these diamonds are mined from the earth’s surface? But this is not the reality!
Many people are unfamiliar with the fact that these diamonds are found far down the earth surface, maybe down up to 90 miles beneath the surface. So if you are interested in how diamonds are found, you need to understand how these diamonds are formed, only this way you can understand the basic idea.
Well, it is a suitable environment which helps the diamond formation. Under extreme temperatures and pressure, the precious metal is formed. It happens so due to volcanic eruptions over the time which help bring these stones together on the earth’s surface, within Kimberlite, and lamproite pipes. So we can say, diamonds are formed due to the volcanic activities placed under the earth surface. It is also said that various Kimberlite rocks have been destroyed to let these stones be together near the earth surface.

Rarity Of Diamonds

Now come to the point, ‘rarity of diamonds.’ It seems that diamonds are everywhere, but this is not reality. You can find copies, and impurities everywhere, but the fact is diamonds are rare. You can observe their rarity with their formation process. No doubt, the diamond formation process is complex and challenging, and we think it is enough for one to understand about their rarity. Another fact that diamonds were created billions of years ago also make them rare, so yes the tiring journey of diamond makes them rare, and so only a few locations around the world are present to get diamonds. 

Do you know?

There are only 50 functioning mines of diamonds around the world? And above all, all these mines are far-out rural locations? Seems interesting! 

Discovering Kimberlite

Well, we know the diamond is formed due to volcanic activities, but do you think that information is enough to get diamonds? No, obviously not! To get closer to the diamonds, you need to find out the areas like the discovery of kimberlite. Yes, with the help of intelligent geologists, we can find those kimberlite rocks where the diamond is abundant, but still fining the worthy-mine is a tough task and demands a lot of efforts. Moreover, the whole process is expensive, so not all can afford it. 

Gem Quality Diamonds

Well, no doubt uncovering the real diamonds is not less than a nightmare. It is not because the diamond industry is massive, but that doesn’t mean it is the only reason. Beginning from extremely technical mining to very knowledgeable and highly experienced diamond cutters. From gemologists to big business sharks and jewellers, diamond is passed through several hands, and then finally reach on your better half’s hand. So it is important to keep in mind while shopping for an ideal diamond that beauty of diamond doesn’t lie under the material used but lies in its past.

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