The Jewellery Production Process

In designing jewellery, the need of customers is put into consideration. Customers may demand diamonds of a particular colour reflection or some sort of style in designs. Sometimes, the materials that come with the diamond are of equal importance to customers. The dealer will keep them in mind what customers need, and the producer will work according to popular demand.

Metal Cutting and Forming

Metals have to be cut into elements that can then be used for jewellery items. It is done using a piercing saw generally. However, laser-cutting options have also gained prominence off-late. In the forming phase, the metal takes shape after it is hammered, bent, raised over a stake, sunk or when die-forming methods are used.


In this process, the metal is joined with the application of heat. Although it can be done using different ways, it is done using a gas-torch. Lately, laser-welding and TIG welding have also been used.


In this process, wax models are used for creating moulds and the molten metal is then filled into it. This process is a complex one. However, multiple pieces of the same jewellery can be made in a shorter span, which would, if not, require manual effort. The waxes can either be carved by hand by a specialist wax carver, or digital milling processes can be used for the same.


Although this task would be separate from what a jeweller would usually do, it is gaining prominence, and hence, many jewellers have learnt the art of doing the same. In this process, the gemstones are fitted into the finished jewellery pieces. When the stones are to be placed in specialised settings, good stone setters have a lot of scopes, as jewellers would have an external setter to carry out the same.


Once the jewellery is entirely made, it has to undergo a last round of polishing. It is the final stage of jewellery making, and previously, there were specialised polishers to do the same, especially in Birmingham and London where it is still outsourced. However, in the present days, jewellers do the polishing by themselves.

Quality Control

A standard procedure is followed in the production of all diamonds. Each jewellery is treated in the same way to come out as good quality finished products. From the handing of rough stones to the attractive polishing stage, the diamonds all follow the proper process. Our highly trained and skilled artisans are up to the task of ensuring high quality job.

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